Just wanted to let you know that I am going to be kind of inductively studying these scriptures for the next couple of days.
While I did graduate from Seminary I do not claim to be a theologian… not even close. I am a bit embarassed about my Bible class grades, actually.
However, that being said, these are my thoughts on the subject. I am studying people who have studied the Greek and Hebrew… but I cannot read Greek and Hebrew, so I am taking their word for it 🙂 and applying these passages to my own life.
Just wanted to throw that out there.


About tappytime

This blog is about lessons I am learning on a daily basis. I am a stay at home mom, so most of the lessons I learn from my children. Matthew 21:16 "'Do you hear what these children are saying?' they asked him. 'Yes,' replied Jesus, 'have you never read, '"from the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise'?"" God teaches us things in all different ways... These are my reflections on those lessons.

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  1. I graduated from seminary too, Dana! Probably a different meaning though.

    And I think the beauty of scriptures is that we apply them to our own lives and that God inspires us to see how it fits. I’ve been surprised how one verse means something to me at a certain time, but means something completely different to someone else. So I like that you’re saying what you think and what you get out of it, as cool as the other languages-speakers/theologians are.

    And I feel like with every opinion I share it shouts, “Mormon influence!” to you. Sorry!

    • Haha… don’t apologize for sharing your opinion!
      I didn’t know you graduated from Seminary? It is so true though… God speaks to us through His word differently in different seasons I think. It is cool to see how applicable the Bible is in all stages of life!

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