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It has been a while since I have written… again. I just simply haven’t had the motivation (time is not really the issue). God is teaching me a lot but it takes so much emotional energy to process that I sometimes opt for tv watching rather than writing. I need to get better, I keep saying that. But, these little ones keep me on my toes:Image


And… this one is already making me tired (but will really make me tired come end of December/beginning of January):


That is right… we are expecting #3. I am 11 weeks pregnant and I heard the heartbeat last week (174bpm). I can’t remember if that is high or not, but I think it is a girl :).

God is teaching me SO much about releasing control… again. This pregnancy was not at all planned, FAM is not my friend right now. We wanted a third but didn’t want to be nomadic during the process. God has it all in His timing though, I am not in control.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. We moved from Denver to Utah and spent three months there (a very beautiful and interesting place to live!).ย 

While we were in Denver one of the business consultants from Chick fil A started talking to Dave about a store in Longmont, Colorado… so we went up to look at it. Before this we had been specifically praying that we would be settled by Fall. Holland was having a hard time adjusting to being without friends and I knew I wanted her to be in preschool. We had been placed in Colorado and really nothing was available that would get us settled by fall, but we just felt lead to pray that prayer. When we found out Longmont might be available we were thrilled, Dave was born there… it is near all of his family and childhood friends and we have a community already established there. It looked like a great fit. Then we were moved to Utah :(… I was sad. But, we were still trusting.

While in Utah I learned a lot about releasing control. Dave was working really long hours, I was with the kids exclusively and we just made due. Chick fil A is a very generous and gracious company and has made things comfortable for us, but it is still hard to be away from your support system. Our kids are troopers though. I knew I could either look at the experience as a burden or a blessing: so I opted for the latter.

While in Utah we were still praying specifically that we would be settled by Fall… still didn’t know how that would happen. In early April we got an email that Longmont was going to be coming available, the operator got another store and he would be moving at the end of May :). So, we continued to pray. Dave talked to the people at corporate and his boss and they told him that he would not be placed at Longmont as the IM for many reasons: but the main one being that they didn’t want the employees to get attached to him knowing he was a candidate for the store and then him not get the store. It made total sense to us, so we just trusted and continued to pray.

The new operator was supposed to take over Fashion Place (Dave’s placement in Utah) on the first of June so we knew we would be moving somewhere and by May 20th we had still heard nothing about where we would be living on June 1st (crazy, I know) ๐Ÿ™‚

May 22nd: the day before I was going to leave for NC to work an IOH retreat (I will post about that AMAZING organization later) and visit my family we got our call ๐Ÿ™‚


Crazy, I know… I don’t know why they changed their minds, but they did. Not only were we going to Longmont but Dave would be placed with Mandy Brantley. So, Mandy is one of our friends from when we used to live in Colorado three years ago. She recently was hired by Chick fil A as a business consultant and this placement is part of her training (after she attended FRL in May). Her and her husband, Adam, were involved in the Boulder community with all of Dave’s childhood friends and moved back to the east coast the same time as us (summer 2009). Mandy being placed with Dave is an amazing God thing. She has been a huge blessing to us and it just seems as if God is orchestrating all of this, but we are still holding loosely.ย 

Monday June 4th: Dave had his first interview for the Longmont store. Two business consultants from CFA came to interview him and it seemed to go very well. Now we are in a waiting game. There has to be a corporate interview and then if he were the final candidate they would send us to corporate to interview together. I am anxious and I pray every day that they would call him for that corporate interview. I am finding it hard to concentrate.

BUT… that is when I look back at the past three years and see how blessed we have been and how God has provided, even when it looked like things were not going to work out. We have been amazed by His faithfulness in this process. No matter what happens with Chick fil A we know that we will be taken care of, God is good, all the time.ย 

We know that we are where God wants us and have prayerfully journeyed through this process, consistently knowing that we were with the right company… even when things seemed REALLY hard.ย 

I can’t believe that we could be ending our journey soon… just thinking about it makes me want to cry. Not out of sadness but out of complete joy. If you think of us; please pray. Please pray that we would be settled by fall and that God would open the doors for Longmont.ย 

I will definitely post when I know something… especially about Dave’s next interview. We need as much prayer as we can get! I just have to release all of it, knowing that God is faithful and in control. No matter what, we are very blessed ๐Ÿ™‚




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This blog is about lessons I am learning on a daily basis. I am a stay at home mom, so most of the lessons I learn from my children. Matthew 21:16 "'Do you hear what these children are saying?' they asked him. 'Yes,' replied Jesus, 'have you never read, '"from the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise'?"" God teaches us things in all different ways... These are my reflections on those lessons.

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  1. WOW! Where do I start? Congrats on baby #3! We are and will continue praying for you guys! If you are still in town we would love to get together and catch up!! Hudson is looking more like a little boy and less baby. Great family picture at the bottom too ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss ya!

  2. Yay Dana! We will definitely pray for you guys to get Longmont. Want to come swimming tomorrow at our pool? I don’t know when you’re in NC and for how long. I was going to text you yesterday but realized your number wasn’t in my phone. Duh, so I didn’t text you. Babies are so fun! Besides being stressful, of course.

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