Hayes Birth Story :)

Hayes Birth Story :)

Hayes came into the world in an eventful manner :)… His labor was LONG and rough, but worth it!

Allison (my sister) came into town on December 27th just in case Hayes decided to come a little early, but that was not to be.

The 28th and 29th I tried everything to put myself into labor (2 hours of acupuncture, castor oil, long walks) but nothing worked. We decided that it would be best to be induced on December 30th (two days before my due date) because of the time frame allison could be here and not wanting to waste our help with me just being pregnant :). That is because we are in Ogden, UT and don’t really know anyone so it was important for us to have help here to watch Holland and Hudson.


My due date was January first and I was supposed to go into the hospital at 6:30am on the December 30th to be induced but they called and didn’t have a bed for me- so, we got the kids and Allison ready for church, sent them off, ate breakfast, went to CFA and got some cookies for the nurses and did some reimbursements and then went to the hospital at 11:15am. We got checked in and they started me on pitocin at 12:30pm. I didn’t want to start on pitocin right away but I also didn’t want them to break my water. The nurses were so wonderful and I was crying and trying to decide what to do and they were so patient with me :)… I was so thankful for wonderful nurses and sad that we had to induce but I was SOO ready to not be pregnant anymore and it made more sense to induce labor since we didn’t know anyone and Allison was only going to be here for a limited amount of time.


I was on pitocin from 12:30pm to 10pm and I only progressed to 4cm (I went in at 3cm and 70%). Dave and I watched the Broncos game and Sister Wives on TLC and then decided I should get my water broken. At this point we knew Hayes wasn’t going to have his own birthday since I was so little progressed at 10pm. I was kind of sad that he wouldn’t have his own birthday but he is the BEST present I have ever gotten for my birthday. The contractions with my water in tact weren’t bad at all- I was on 20cc’s a minute of pitocin for several hours and still didn’t feel them that much (the highest amount they will give you). Then, when they broke my water at 10pm it changed everything. About 1 gallon of water came out and every time I had a contraction water came gushing out. I was on the pit for another 30 minutes and then I got off because my body took over and started contracting on its own. I labored until 1am and they checked me and I was still only 6cm. I was in and out of the tub getting checked and monitored. At 2:30am they checked me and I was still 6cm. At that point Dave was falling asleep and I was SO exhausted from the contractions.

They were so intense and I opted to get an epidural. I had it by 3:30am and it relieved the pain on my right side and back but I could feel everything on my left side. That was fine though, because the contractions on my back felt like I was getting ripped in half. They were so intense that I thought for sure Hayes was posterior and he was having such a hard time dropping down (the whole labor he was at -2 station) I could tell the contractions were helping and they started me again on 8cc’s of pitocin. At 4:45am I was 9cm but he was still at -2 station (really high up) and we thought he was still posterior. By 5:15am I was fully dialated and I started to push him down on my own. At 5:25am I asked them to turn off the epidural and they came in and got everything ready . I asked for a mirror so I could see him and I got to see Hayes head. I could feel everything and I pushed about five times and he was out. I didn’t tear at all and had no stitches and he came out with the cord around his neck. Hayes was REALLY blue and they had to rub him a lot to get him to cry, but a few minutes later he was crying and pinking up.


Hayes was born at 5:47am on December 31 after 17 hours and 15 minutes of labor (15.5 of that unmedicated). He was 8lbs and 3oz and 21 inches long. I sat him on my chest and he stayed there and we waited for the cord to stop pulsing and Dave cut it. He started nursing about 20 minutes after he was born and nursed for almost an hour. Hayes stayed with me for three full hours and then Dave took him.


He peed on me a few minutes after birth and pooped on me while he was nursing, it was pretty funny. I got up and went to the bathroom and changed into my clothes and we walked down to the nursery and watched Hayes get his first bath.


No one came to visit us because of flu season (the kids weren’t allowed in the hospital), but we left at 1pm on 1/1/13 w we were only at the hospital for a day. It was the best hospital experience we have had!


We celebrated my birthday on the evening of the 31st. Dave went and got Chili’s and a chocolate mouse tart and some candles :). I couldn’t actually blow them out but we still sang. We were able to watch the ball drop on eastern time but didn’t make it until Mountain time… Hayes slept great that night and we were both able to get 6 straight hours of sleep.

We wanted Hayes to have his own birthday but God had other plans. My labor was WAY longer than we had planned!! My midwife and I thought he would be out in 3-4 hours so when I didn’t have him by 10+ hours I was shocked. I never imagined I would be in labor for 17 hours but he was worth every second! I also didn’t plan on having an epidural but it was a good experience because I only had it for 1 and 1/2 hours.

We came home around 3pm on 1/1/13 and the kids were awake. They met Hayes right away and were SO cute, Holland even started crying. The video of him coming home is long but it is precious if you have time to watch it 🙂



The Roberts family came over and brought us lasagna, bread and salad and also brought cookies and candles and sang to me. The kids were so excited to meet Hayes and all wanted to hold him! They were all so cute. Hayes spent all of dinner on his bili lights (he had to be on them for only 24 hours) and then we held him after we ate. Everyone sang to me and we took some group pictures and then it was time for bed time. It was such a fun evening and So fun to have Hayes home 🙂


We have been enjoying him so much!!

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